Granite Kitchen Remodel
Kitchen Granite Surface Remodel

Improve your kitchen with plenty of counter space by adding a granite island.

Custom Granite Kitchen Surfaces

Made to customer specs or with input from our professional design consultants.

Commercial Granite Remodeling

Our beautiful stone is perfect for commercial applications.

Granite Detroit About Us

Simply put, you will never find a granite company that is as well-regarded as far as Granite Services go as we are. We are the top granite supplier in our area, and for good reason! You can search far and wide for a service that is half as knowledgeable as we are as far as Granite Services go, and you will always fall flat. Know why? Because there is no one that comes even close to our level of integrity and ingenuity when it comes to Granite Services. We are willing to bet everything we have on that fact alone. We do kitchens, bathrooms, commercial projects, living rooms--indeed any project that you may need us for, we are more than willing to make your Granite Service dreams come true! We have an unbelievably ample inventory of Granite colors available and we can make any counter top of any size have the perfect granite color as well as any edge finish that you would like. These can include kitchen counters, bathroom vanities, window sills, thresholds, and any piece of granite that you might like to have made custom for any need you may have for your home and business.

You would be foolish for thinking that colors are the only variety that our inventory offers. We also offer many options at several different price points so you can have a beautiful granite counter top no matter what your budget is. But you can guarantee that no matter what style, color, and price point you choose, you will always receive an exceedingly quality granite in your home--no problem! Our pricing is so decent, you'll practically think we're GIVING the granite to you--but not really. We always offer a completely free price quote on the job that you are requesting and would be happy to come and measure it to make sure that the project that you're envisioning comes out to the perfect size and dimensions. We are very proud and passionate about the work that we do, particularly in Granite Services.

Perhaps you are working to remodel an entire room, but don't need a granite countertop or anything like that. Well you've still come to the right place! That's right, we also do full kitchen and bathroom remodeling! I know this is starting to sound wild and wacky, but trust us, it's true! We can install each and every one of your kitchen cabinets, finagle the wiring, lay tile flooring--indeed, anything you may need; we are at your service. Maybe you want a custom shower for your unusually large bunions! No problem. Maybe, in a furious rage, you trashed your vanity. We can replace it! Maybe you're tired of your floors and walls looking like everyone elses' floors and walls. Not anymore they don't after you've hired our Granite Service! Make sure to give us a call to schedule your free quote!

Granite Detroit


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