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Granite Detroit Packages

Deals for when your home is ready for a major upgrade

Full Bathroom Remodel

Many times your bathroom need much more work than just a new countertop or new floor tile. Sometimes it needs a complete remodel. We are happy to offer a service that provides a complete remodel of your bathroom--from the floor tiles and countertops to the bathtub, toilets, shower, sinks, and so on! This bathroom remodel package is not only a cost-efficient way to give yourself your dream bathroom, but it also ensures that your bathroom is cohesive and everything goes together and is professional crafted for your needs and wants.

Full Kitchen Remodel

Oftentimes, it's hard to pinpoint exactly what it is about our kitchens that we want to change. More often than not, it's the entire kitchen itself that's the problem. By hiring us to completely remodel your kitchen, you will be thrilled with what we do. We can completely redo the counter tops, sink counter tops, rewire the electronics, redo the cabinets and lights, and more! Whatever your dream is, we will help it come true!

Total Home Package

Perhaps your entire home needs to have a new look! Obviously, this can be an expensive option, but if you're looking to turn your home into an extremely impressive place that perfectly expresses your personal style and vision, we can help make that happen. This is a perfect opportunity to get some of your custom ideas out of the way while upgrading your home's floor tiles and countertops. This can be a fantastic way to completely change the look of your home without needing to go out and buy a new home altogether.

Bathroom Remodel Package
Kitchen Remodel Package
Total Home Package

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